Center of Gravity

by Meghan Andrews

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released December 5, 2006



all rights reserved


Meghan Andrews Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Center of Gravity
I'm a hundred million mountains
You're a thousand works of art
We are everything and nothing
We're the light that makes the dark

And the moment your eyes hold me
I feel higher than a Keats rhyme
Shaking like a leaf I'm
Swearing I'm the only one
To have felt this true
I smile and bat my eyes
Up to the ribbon in the skyline
And it's all for you
My center of gravity
Is a little bit above me
And I don't know exactly where I stand

In my quiet contemplation
I could've sworn I heard your voice
Loving me ain't easy
It's a daily steady choice

Track Name: The Garden Of Hardly Here
Over and over he stumbles to tell me
that he loves me
And over and under he falls
See I'm all alone in my garder of
hardly here at all
One and a two and ah we are a match
made up in Heaven
Under the light of his moon
But there 'aint no room in my garden
of hardly here at all

'cause i am wrapped up in our rhapsody of indigo
And i'm riding high just hiding in your undertow
And I know this much now
I've been struck somehow
and I will never be the same

People pretend that the end is
impending like the devil
Now we've a new cross to bear
But I can hardly care in my garden of
hardly here at all
Do run to the old of a maid who is
locked up in her tower
'cause she's crying crystalline eyes
Me I've no ties in my garden of hardly here at all


See I don't wanna need you
'cause I know that means compromise
Need me, and you teach me to like

lady, lady lie
lady, lady lie
Track Name: Trial & Error
Trial and error
Try as I will I can't seem to find the
where with all
Before I fall into dependence
Crash and burn
The probable outcome of the woman who returns
To the scene of her hearts discontentment

See, he loved me more than an ocean
loves a sky
He loved me so I tried to be wise
But he loved me more than himself

Live and learn
If I was delusional I could return
When I can hear the wind wrapping on the shore
And I whisper:
"What's it all for?"
If I'm gonna live
It better be worth dying for
For we all fall to our ending.


and I'm on the edge
and I'm looking down
and it's quite a ways to fall
And you're more than hurt
But I'm more than this
And I'm tired for standing tall

Cause I know it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong
And I know it's time, it's time, it's time
To move on
To move on

So you make believe you know, make believe
Open up to falter and make believe you know, make believe
It's about love, it's about love, it's about love
And he loved me more than himself
Track Name: Annie
Annie rides the subway train
Rides the tide of yet another day
Flaxen waves fall softly round her face
Eyes have closed to see another place
She is rocking back and forth like in a cradle
She is swaddled in his secrets and lies
She would try to force a smile but she's not able
Annie's ready to remove her disguise

Red and yellow signals flash
Blend together in a kind of clash
Annie'd like to take a pilgrimage
Well she knows she's not happy where she is
And as the muntes slip on by she's at a stand still
Annie feels that she should cry but she as strong will
She heard someone say the point of life's to educate
Yet she sits here in the darkness riding out her fate

Someone says
"Annie, you know the years you spent just waiting by your lover's side
Annie, you know that candy's sweet but were you ever satisfied
Annie can't you see you are more than a worn out fantasy
You're gonna be alright, you gotta live your own life
You're gonna be alright, you gotta live your own life"

Annie's tried to block the rising tide
Annie's stifled many screams and cries
Her reflection looks right through her eyes
The girl inside is barely recognized
And as a spark of light blue light alights the train track
She starts to go and knows there's no turning back
She was once a lovely damsel dreaming maybe
Now she just a lonely lady crying save me
Save me

Track Name: Human Love
Just another day aboard the elliptic course called love
I think it's safe to say today
I'm as far from source as they come
See, my own humanity, it stifles me
Imprisons my freedom
Full of the ancient fears
A thousand years
The same old tears for love,
Human love
I used to be a poet
I know it's true, I wrote of you
I could have been a dancer
The answer's there, within the air
But my feet are nailed to the ground
These steps I've found go 'round and 'round
My heart's been overthrown
I'm all alone so i've cast my stone on love
Human Love

I ran from my metropolis
Where the dreamers drop like flies
Away from practicality
A reality of lies
I piloted my plan home to paradise
Of seasonal delight
Some day i'll settle the score
And find the door that leads to more than love
Human love
Track Name: Carry Me
Break the glass and shatter pieces of me
Over mid-Manhattan's blaring symphony
Heart break, stomach ache
I can't take anymore of the mortifying crimes of love and war
I was up so high
I could hardly see
I could barely recognize what was happening to me
I been running scared,
Now I'm God knows where
And I'm sitting silent, patiently

To understand what I am living for
To understand what I am living for
Would you believe in me?
Cause I don't believe in anything at all
Somebody carry me

Break me, shake me, bleed me free
From the blind anticipation of an unkind coming year
I was up so high
I could hardly see
I could barely recognize what was happening to me
It's a gorgeous bore
And I wanted more
So I'm sitting silently, patiently

Track Name: Tiny Belgian Town
Someone please, please stop this round and round
I can hardly stand to see
Been working round this tiny town
With a painful clarity

Voices said stay
Flights can be delayed
Oh my destiny's in the rays of sunlight
Shining on this tiny Belgian town

Back at home the hustle bustles by
And the frantic run round town
A new born day, another try,
And I fail not to let it down

But here the moving sky
Is the fastest thing to roll on by
I think I could stand to sigh my life away
Walking round this tiny Belgian town

But simple signs are hard to see
Staring down eternity
Tell me how can I just leave
When I've waited long for Haagwinde

My emotions got the best of me
In those days of sunken dreams
But moonlight played a symphony
And a dance of kings and queens

Everybody's waltzing round
Any my toes they barely touch the ground
I think I can hear the sound the destiny
Floating round this tiny Belgian town

But simple signs are hard to see
Staring down eternity
Tell me how can I just leave
When I've found my home Haagwinde

Take a good long last look around
Grab my bag and get the light
Wave goodbye to solid ground
And my muse of quiet might

I'll be back this way someday
With desire's ambition tucked away
In this melodrama I've my role to play
Before curtain down in Belgian town

And I won't be long my Haagwinde
I won't be long my Haagwinde
Track Name: Oasis
Living a dream
Oceans of gold and skies of green
Shake me awake
Which does of you did I overtake?

'cause here I am
Drinking love's oasis from the sand
Come give me your hand
I'm an Alice in a wonderland

All crystalline
The Eucharist that smokes from your skin
I'm overfed
The sight of you has gone to my head


And the world can call me crazy
And believe you me they do
So I go it alone
Out fo my own

Let's make pretend
That life's long debated trial's at an end
I want it all
The great golden hand to break my fall

And here we'll stand